AirPods and Other Bluetooth Headphones Might Cause Cancer, Scientists Agreed

AirPods and Other Bluetooth Headphones Might Cause Cancer, Scientists Agreed

A high number of scientists have signed a United Nations and World Health Organization petition which argues that wireless Bluetooth headphones, such as AirPods, could harm our health in the long run as they might cause cancer.

The researchers who signed the petition believe that the prolonged use of Bluetooth headphones can increase the risk to develop cancer. The problem is caused by the fact that these accessories, which are very common among smartphone users, emit a high amount of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) which reaches the inner areas of the skull.

The petition cites peer-reviewed studies which note that extended exposure to EMF produced by electronic devices has the potential to cause health issues. Several studies claim that EMF can affect living organisms even if the levels of radiation are below the ones imposed by international legislation.

Scientists agreed that AirPods and other Bluetooth headphones might cause cancer, but further studies are required

It is also mentioned that the International Agency for Research on Cancer has concluded that EMF carries a carcinogenic potential for humans. Other studies argue that DNA damage and severe neurological disorders were also linked to the use or AirPods and other Bluetooth headphones. While a high amount of electromagnetic frequencies will output heat which can cause severe burns, the researchers do not know if the exposure to a low amount of EMF won’t have adverse effects.

The World Health Organization does offer guidelines that mention which devices are allowed to emit a certain amount of EMF and the maximum and minimum levels that are recommended. Those who support the petition say that the organization has been too gentle and stricter requirements are needed.

In recent years, the trend of using wireless Bluetooth headphones has continued to grow steadily. As more and more manufacturers continue to abandon the 3.5mm headphone jack, some users are forced to use wireless headphones.

According to scientists, even high-quality products like the AirPods from Apple have the potential to boost the risk of cancer, with the threat being even more significant in children who use such devices. It is likely that the petition will spark a new wave of studies which could confirm or disprove the claims.


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