AI Time Machine Can Show the Version of You In Different Eras of History

AI Time Machine Can Show the Version of You In Different Eras of History

We might all live during the best time in human history. Technology and science have evolved tremendously and at an unprecedented level, and anybody can access information of pretty much any kind nowadays. Although the situation after a few hundred years from now might be even better, perhaps each of us asked ourselves how it would have been if we lived hundreds or even thousands of years ago.

MyHeritage, a company responsible for DNA analysis, has created a new exciting app called AI Time Machine. Exactly as its name suggests, it will allow the user to see how he would look like at different times in history. Basically, what the user needs to do is head over to the official website of MyHeritage, upload a few photos of him, and enjoy the outcome! The AI system will generate photos of the user based on different situations in the world’s history. 

Here are some good examples of what AI Time Machine can do:

On the official website of MyHeritage, a statement brings further explanation regarding the capabilities of the AI software:

Using AI Time Machine, you can see yourself as an Egyptian pharaoh, a medieval knight, a 19th-century lord or lady, an astronaut, and much more, in just a few clicks.

Also, quoting from the same website, a statement says:

It takes real photos of a subject that you upload, and transforms them into stunning, hyper-realistic images depicting that person featured in a variety of themes from across the globe — from prehistoric times to the age of space exploration and beyond.

It needs to be said that the software will still require little personal information from you, as well as at leastten0 photos containing your face. Such demands might be a bit too much for some people, which is why they prefer to not jumpono the bandwagon. But if you’re ok with the demands, there shouldn’t be any other reason why you can still hesitate.




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