After Reading Report on UAE, NASA Chief Says We’re Not Alone in the Universe

After Reading Report on UAE, NASA Chief Says We’re Not Alone in the Universe

NASA has been looking for signs of life coming from outer space for decades, and there’s nothing surprising here. Exploring the unknown is in human nature, and it has helped our species evolve technologically. Extraterrestrial beings willing to share with us their secrets for advanced gears may not be everywhere in the Galaxy, but it’s surely worth searching for them.

Fox News says that NASA’s new administrator, Mr. Bill Nelson, brings an intriguing claim after examining the US intelligence community’s new report on UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena). Nelson says what astronomers had always been suspecting: that we’re “not alone” in the Universe.

Deployment of a new telescope aims to identify more planets that could support intelligent life

NASA’s administrator also makes a claim about a future telescope that could help humanity find the possible locations in space where intelligent life forms could be hiding. Mr. Bill Nelson might know what he’s talking about, considering that he’s not only the administrator of NASA – he also served as an astronaut and as senior senator of Florida.

The report on UAP reveals over 140 UAP sightings, and although nobody knows for sure what they are, speculations emerged immediately. Bill Nelson said it clear, as cited by Fox News:

Yes, I’ve seen the classified report. It says basically what we thought. We don’t know the answer to what those Navy pilots saw, they know that they saw something, they tracked it, they locked their radar onto it, they followed it, it would suddenly move quickly from one location to another.

He also added:

And what the report does tell us that is public, is that there have been over 140 of these sightings. So naturally, what I ask our scientists to do is to see if there’s any kind of explanation, from a scientific point of view, and I’m awaiting their report.


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