A Wormhole Finally Found? People Remain Speechless By Mysterious ‘Whirlpool’ on the Skies of Hawaii

A Wormhole Finally Found? People Remain Speechless By Mysterious ‘Whirlpool’ on the Skies of Hawaii

Astronomers had always been excited at the possibility of finding a wormhole somewhere in our space vicinity. That could mean our ticket to another solar system or even another galaxy. Wormholes work by bending spacetime so that they create a shortcut. In this way, the huge distance that separates two galaxies, for instance, would practically not exist anymore.

It could be theoretically possible to create a wormhole, but scientists would need an enormous amount of energy for such a goal. Therefore, “others” might need to put it there for us. If you’re already thinking about aliens, we’re not here to blame you.

‘Whirlpool’ emerging in the sky wasn’t a wormhole

Spectators had been amazed by a mysterious ‘whirlpool’ floating across the sky, but we hate to disappoint those who were willing to bet on a wormhole. There wasn’t such a thing, and the event has a more simple explanation than you might have thought about.

YouTube video

According to the video’s description, the event was nothing more than a falling piece of the Falcon-9 (2nd Booster Rocket) of SpaceX.

The ‘Interstellar’ movie released in 2014 was the perfect example of how wormholes are supposed to work. Protagonist Joseph Cooper knew from the beginning that the wormhole he saw couldn’t have been a naturally occurring event. Therefore, he assumed that someone put it there for humans. It could have been aliens, gods, or who knows what else. What’s for sure is that Interstellar was a great movie!

Although humanity hasn’t dealt with a wormhole this time, we shouldn’t lose hope! The miracle could sure happen sometime in the future! But until that moment, we have to admit that the celestial show granted by the ‘whirlpool’ was indeed spectacular!


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