A Startup Prepares Space Tourism, But the Ticket May Be Too Expensive

A Startup Prepares Space Tourism, But the Ticket May Be Too Expensive

If you’re wealthy enough, you may soon become a space tourist. Surely you’ve heard about the hypothetical idea of going to Mars or the Moon with the same ease as you spend a vacation on a beach resort. Those plans might be closer to achieving than ever!

Yahoo Finance informs about the wish of the Space Perspective startup to lift space tourists up above the Earth’s atmosphere – about 100,000 feet above the surface, to be more precise. If you’re used to taking the funicular to admire amazing sights across a mountain, you’ll experience something similar if the space plan will be put into action, only that it will be at a totally next level.

Go into space using a pressurized capsule

The pressurized capsule that should take space tourists above the atmosphere will be accompanied by a huge balloon. The space journey would last for six hours, enough to admire the wonders of our planet seen from space.

Jane Poytner, one of the founders of Space Perspective, declared for Yahoo Finance Live:

It’s a completely different experience,

You will have that incredibly black sky. When we take you up predawn, you’ll get the most outrageous star gaze you’ve every seen,

It is profoundly moving.

Hopefully, space journeys to other planets will be possible one day. However, astronomers never sent humans to another planet, but the good news is that they’re struggling to find out how they could do it in the case of Mars. NASA’s Administrator Bill Nelson recently announced that humans could lay foot on the Red Planet by the year 2040.

The ticket for a space tour using Space Perspective will cost $125,000, so you’d better start saving money ASAP if you’re willing to join the ride.

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