A Spectacular Solar Halo Amazed The Residents Of Mexico City And Central Mexico

A Spectacular Solar Halo Amazed The Residents Of Mexico City And Central Mexico

Once again a spectacular solar halo appeared in the skies of Mexico City and other parts of central Mexico. Dozens of Mexicans were stunned by the extraordinary phenomenon which has a straightforward scientific explanation.

A solar halo forms when the sunlight refracts through ice particles within cirrus clouds

A solar halo is the formation of a luminous circle around the Sun which usually occurs before the arrival of storms. It is also known as Parhelion or “sun dog.” The phenomenon is formed when cirrus clouds, which are clouds that look like cotton flakes, carry particles of ice and act as small prisms and, when the sunlight refracts through them, give rise to a solar halo.

Experts explain that this event is not a “paranormal activity,” but an optical phenomenon represented by two large rings that are formed by the refraction of light and that generally precedes the cold fronts.

It is usually recorded 24 hours before the arrival of a cold front of air when these small and high cirrus clouds form.

A solar halo is still seen as a sign from the gods by the remaining Mayan communities in Mexico

In Mexico, this phenomenon is less frequent because the cold air coming from the poles is not as intense as in countries in Europe, Asia or the rest of North America.

Also, it is believed that solar halos remain a significant reference among Mayan communities to determine how long rain-free and rainy days can be, said Mayan researcher Bernando Caamal Itza.

“For the Mayan ‘grandparents’, a solar halo is an omen of the ‘yuuntsiles’ (gods), whose interpretation is based on the intensity of the coloring of the edges of the halo and which could represent more days of sunshine or in their case rainfall,” Mayan researcher Bernando Caamal Itza explained.


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