A Single Cherry Tree Can Absorb 20 Pounds Of Carbon Emissions Per Year

A Single Cherry Tree Can Absorb 20 Pounds Of Carbon Emissions Per Year

Researchers from South Korea have assembled a new study that argues that one cherry tree can fight against climate change as it has the ability to offset a significant amount of greenhouse gases – carbon.

A mature cherry tree with an age of 25 years absorbs 20 pounds of carbon emissions. Cherry trees present in the country can absorb 2.4 tons of carbon, which is equal to the amount generated by 6,000 cars per year. For reference, 250 cherry trees can offset the carbon produced by a single car.

Cherry trees are now blooming in South Korea, an event that usually attracts many people and visitors in the parks of the country. However, some restrictions have been imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are also other types of trees that are thought to be more proficient at consuming the greenhouse gases. The black walnut, horse-chestnut, pine tree, and Douglas fir are only a few examples.

One Cherry Tree Can Absorb 20 Pounds Of Carbon Emissions Per Year

It is well-known that the respiratory system of trees will absorb greenhouse gases and release oxygen in exchange. Most of the carbon will be stored in the trunk, branches, and leaves, with a small amount being used for the photosynthesis.

Some of the carbon will be released over hundreds of years after the trees will die and decay. A small amount is also released during the respiration process. Select environmentalist organizations have argued that trees should be planted across all over the world, as some studies have mentioned that trees could absorb up to 66% of the emissions that reach the atmosphere.

Other researchers aren’t too impressed by this strategy and suggest that an overall global reduction would be more effective in the long run, especially since planting and waiting for a trillion cherry trees to reach maturity seems daunting. For now, opinions remain divided, but an accord may be reached in the future on the capability of one cherry tree to absorb carbon.


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