A Record of Over 500 Newfound Fast Radio Bursts Are ‘Waving’ at Us – Could There Be Aliens?

A Record of Over 500 Newfound Fast Radio Bursts Are ‘Waving’ at Us – Could There Be Aliens?

Scientists and even regular people had always been suspecting that extraterrestrial life forms are somehow ‘waving’ at us from the depths of the Galaxy. You don’t necessarily have to be very intelligent to realize that the Universe is far too large to have been created only for us humans.

Astronomers had also been trying to understand the origin of fast radio bursts (FRBs), those mysterious flashes of light or transient radio pulses of length that last for only a few milliseconds. While the cause of such phenomenons isn’t yet understood, it leads to speculations involving extraterrestrial beings trying to send their greetings throughout the Universe.

CHIME detects 535 FRBs between 2018 and 2019

According to SciTechDaily.com, The CHIME (standing for Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment) stationary radio telescope from British Columbia has detected 535 new FRBs (fast radio bursts) during the first year of operation (between 2018 and 2019). While there’s no exact proof that any green friends are ‘waving’ at us from other planets, we don’t have to rule out the possibility completely, either.

However, the observations strongly suggest that the FRBs appear from separate astrophysical sources, which grants new hopes for those who are craving encounters with extraterrestrial beings. Astronomers want further observations to uncover the origins of the outstanding cosmic events.

Kaitlyn Shin, CHIME member and also a graduate student in the Department of Physics at MIT, speaks about the tremendous importance of the new findings:

Before CHIME, there were less than 100 total discovered FRBs; now, after one year of observation, we’ve discovered hundreds more,
With all these sources, we can really start getting a picture of what FRBs look like as a whole, what astrophysics might be driving these events, and how they can be used to study the universe going forward.

Astronomy uncovers more secrets of the Universe with every year that passes, which is why we should never lose hope that aliens truly are there, somewhere, and ready to say ‘hello’. The problem is what will we do if we get in contact with them.

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