A New Home? One-In-A-Million Super Earth That Could Sustain Life Was Just Discovered

A New Home? One-In-A-Million Super Earth That Could Sustain Life Was Just Discovered

Lots of people are wondering when we’ll be able to conquer space and colonize other planets, and as you probably know by now, Elon Musk is working hard to make this dream of humanity come true with his plans of colonizing Mars. But, at the moment, we’ll have to stick to fighting the disaster from our own planet caused by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Experts discovered an extraordinarily rare super earth that could be able to sustain human life. This planet was discovered by the New Zealand astronomers who said that this plant “is one of only a handful that have been discovered with both size and orbit comparable to that of Earth.”

The team published all these relevant discoveries in a study in the Astronomical Journal.

According to this study, the planet’s host star is about 10% of the mass of our Sun, and the planet itself has a larger mass compared to our home planet.

This planet orbits its star from a distance that’s pretty comparable to the one from Earth to the Sun.

These are some pretty rare conditions according to experts, but on the other hand, researchers are suggesting that the planet could be extremely cold due to the fact that its star is much smaller compared to our Sun.

Only a few planets have so many conditions to sustain life 

The co-author of this study Michael Abrow of New Zealand’s University of Canterbury told USA TODAY the following:

“Although it’s not too much bigger than Earth, and orbiting its star at a similar distance, this planet would be very cold because its star is smaller than the sun and emits much less light. Water could not exist in a liquid state, and the likelihood of life would be very low.”

He continued and explained that “Only a very few planets have been detected that may have suitable conditions for life.”

We recommend that you head over to the official notes about this relevant discovery in order to learn all the available details. 

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