A New Giant Carnivorous Dinosaur Species Has Been Found In Patagonia, Argentina

A New Giant Carnivorous Dinosaur Species Has Been Found In Patagonia, Argentina

A team of paleontologists from the National University of Comahue (Argentina) and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History of the United States, presented the results of the study on the discovery of a new giant carnivorous dinosaur species that lived about 85 million years ago in the current Argentine region of Patagonia, inform local media.

The discovered fossils depicted a 9-meter long carnivorous dinosaur

It is about the Tratayenia rosalesi, a predator of approximately 9 meters long, whose fossils were found in the province of Neuquen.

“These dinosaurs had proportionally long, low skulls, with many sharp and jagged teeth, bones filled with airbags like those of their modern relatives, birds, and more powerful, long and powerful muscular forelimbs with giant claws on both fingers. internal of each leg “, said those responsible for the discovery.

The recently found new giant dinosaurs species was allegedly the deadliest predator of its times

The Tratayenia rosalesi was a species belonging to the Megaraptoidae, which were a mysterious species predator dinosaurs that lived in the South American continent and Australia from the middle until the late stages of the Cretaceous Period, which is known as the end of the era of the dinosaurs.

Megaraptorids were probably the largest and deadliest predators in South America for at least 95 to 85 million years, according to the paleontologists at the National University of Comahue, in Argentina, who made the discovery.

The new giant carnivorous dinosaur found could be the youngest Megaraptoid ever found

The discovery is of high importance for the paleontologists from the Nationa University Of Comahue who thinks that they will now throw more light on the long-forgotten era of dinosaurs which, as it is proved by this recent finding, still hides some mysteries and yet unknown species.

Also, the researchers also consider that the new giant dinosaur, known as Tratayenia rosalesi, could be the youngest Megaraptorid, geologically speaking, which has ever been found anywhere in the world.


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