A New Discovery in Gene Research has Been Made

A New Discovery in Gene Research has Been Made

It should come as no surprise that in the field of biology there is constant work being done in order to uncover more and more things about genes and cells. Recently, two female researchers from UCLA have come up with a new tool that allows the user to see the level at which genes are expressed in one cell. This is incredibly interesting since some cell cells are not able to read certain genes that well but with this tool they can see the genes very clearly.

More about the researchers and their work

The two girls that have come up with this software tool are Jingyi ‘Jessica’ Li and Wei ‘Vivian’ Li. They have decided to name their toll “sclmpute”.

In a nutshell, our body runs on a very complicated system. For instance, if one cell decides to work with one piece of genetic material, the other one might decide to not use that genetic material at all and work with another piece of information.

This goes back to what we know so far about our DNA, the fact that it encodes all the information needed to run an organism. In order to read this information we need RNA, which are long strand of molecules that transport this information. However, some RNA, at first glance, may seem to be just in trace amounts which can trick scientists into thinking that the genes that that particular cell is meant to be using are not active.

This new tool will allow them to take a closer look at RNA sequencing. What makes their programs stand out is the fact that it is flexible and universal, unlike other ones that just look very broadly on the matter.

Their study has recently been published in the scientific journal Nature Communications and this tool is available online to download for free.

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