A Mysterious Phenomenon Is Happening In The Sun, The Puzzling Case Of Hot Corona

A Mysterious Phenomenon Is Happening In The Sun, The Puzzling Case Of Hot Corona

A mysterious phenomenon is happening in the Sun, as on the contrary to any reasonable logic, the Sun’s atmosphere is getting hotter as it stretches farther from the star’s surface. That is known as the “hot corona,” and it’s still puzzling the scientists.

The temperatures of the corona reach about 2 million degrees Fahrenheit, while the temperatures of the corona’s region of only 1,600 kilometers below reaches just 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This particularity remains the most baffling situation in astrophysics and scientists have no clue how this phenomenon happens.

However, on August 11th, 2018, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe will launch with the mission to fly through the hot corona and retrieve data and clues on how the mysterious phenomenon occurs.

When you look at the Sun, you see it unchanged, but the Sun is far from being calm and peaceful as its surface is tormented by frequent solar eruptions and radiations bursts that jet solar material at tremendous velocities across the Solar System.

The Sun’s “hot corona” is a 150-year old mysterious phenomenon to be soon solved out

The Sun’s atmosphere, or corona, stretches for millions of miles above the Sun’s surface and is made of plasma and superheated gas that divides in ions electric flow and free electrons.

It all started in 1869, during a total eclipse, when a green spectral line has been observed. Using spectrometers, the astronomers can determine the elements in the Sun’s composition, but, back in 1869, the scientists thought they’ve found a new element and named it “coronium.”

About 70 years later, a Swedish scientist found that the coronal emissions are caused by iron which is ionized 13 times as it’s superheating. To achieve such a feat, the iron should get to about 2 million degrees Fahrenheit.

“I think of the hot corona problem as an umbrella that covers a couple of related confusing problems,” asserted Justin Kasper, an astronomer from the University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor.

For several decades, the coronal heating remained a mysterious phenomenon, but now the astronomers expect to solve it out as the new NASA’s Parker Solar Probe is set to examine the Sun’s corona.


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