A 1,400-Year-Old Book Contains Hidden Paragraphs That Can Only Be Read With X-Rays

A 1,400-Year-Old Book Contains Hidden Paragraphs That Can Only Be Read With X-Rays

The book, considered a religious one, hides important texts for the medical history. The researchers at the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory discovered that this 1,400-year-old book contains paragraphs that can only be read with X-rays.

Apparently, the 1,400-year-old book is religious but scientists noticed that some of the writings have been erased and replaced with psalms.

According to the researchers, at first, the book has been written by the Greek philosopher and physician, Galen of Pergamon.

Several others have written over Galen’s original text

At first, Galen’s original text has been erased and then it has been rewritten in ancient Syriac during the 6th century.

Secondly, the Syriac translation has also been erased and replaced with psalms and other religious texts. According to the scientists, this last change has occurred during the 11th century at a monastery in Egypt.

Nobody knows exactly why the original text has been replaced but the most reliable theory says that parchments were very costly back then, thus, the writers of those times were forced to reuse the same parchment over and over again.

Of course, there is another theory that says that Galen’s medical teachings were not quite appropriate with the religious views of those times.

Powerful X-rays are used by the scientists to read Galen’s teachings

The scientists work is very important as it will reveal some of the ancient medical pieces of knowledge of one of the most well-known doctors and philosophers of the 2nd century.

“The first initial results are incredibly mind-blowing,” admitted Peter Pormann, a professor at the University of Manchester.

Until now, only 26 pages have been revealed and with more than 200 to come up researchers expect that some great secrets of Galen’s medical knowledge will be revealed from this 1,400-year-old book which can only be read with X-Rays.

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