9000-Year-Old Human Remains Have Been Found In The Giant Flooded Cave System In Mexico

9000-Year-Old Human Remains Have Been Found In The Giant Flooded Cave System In Mexico

Ancient civilizations have not yet shown all their secrets. 9,000-year-old human remains have been discovered in Mexico, along with animal remains.

A flooded cave system of 347 kilometers is the place where the remains were found
Some of the approximately 9,000 years old human remains are, in general, in an incredibly good state of conservation, according to the archaeologists at the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (the National Institute of Anthropology and History – INAH). These remains have been discovered in the largest flooded cave in the world, unearthed during the last month in southeastern Mexico, after 10 months of research.

While conducting research on ancient water sources, the archaeologists found two huge networks of flooded caves. The two are actually connected, for a total length of 347 kilometers.

These cave system’s networks were “very sacred places”

Besides the human remains the archaeologists have unearthed, there have also been found bones of a Gomphothere (a prehistoric elephant) and bears, according to INAH.

Also, “an interesting pattern of architectural changes, such as walls, corridors, altars, shrines, staircases” was also unearthed in these caves that were perceived as “very sacred places,” the researchers say.

Even more, there have also been discovered the remains of a “surprising” site in which the Maya prayed to the god of cocoa, war and commerce, and which could be accessed through a staircase.

“I think it’s overwhelming. Without a doubt it’s the most important underwater archaeological site in the world,” said Guillermo de Anda, an archaeologist at the National Institute Of Anthropology and History of Mexico.

According to the scientists, during the last period of the Ice Age, the water level increased by 100 meters and flooded the Sac Actun cave system and offered to the 9,000-year-old human remains the perfect conditions for conservation. Scientists are excited about the discovery and will look further into the world’s biggest flooded cave hoping to discover more interesting things.

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