9 Innovative Things About The Ancient Egyptians That Baffled The Scientists

9 Innovative Things About The Ancient Egyptians That Baffled The Scientists

We often think we are very different from the people who lived in Egypt thousands of years ago. We believe that they had extremely bizarre traditions and customs (though strangeness is more in the eyes of the viewer). Even so, the archaeological finds attest that at least the ancient Egyptians were, in some cases, extremely similar to modern humans.

Here are nine such situations that show that an ancient Egyptian would not have such a great cultural shock if they were traveling in the future. Of course, the reciprocal is valid.

They pulled iron from the meteorites

Archaeologists found iron beads in ancient graves. These were unique and interesting as the Egyptians reached Iron Age 2,000 years after these graves were built. How did they get the iron? The answer is found in hieroglyphic inscriptions indicating that iron “comes from heaven”, leading to the idea that Egyptians exploited this material from meteorites before the Iron Age.

They invented the toothpaste

There is more evidence that the Egyptians produced toothpaste from 5,000 BC. They produced a kind of powder that contained many ingredients, such as burnt egg shells and pumice stone. Today, we don’t know exactly how to use this substance.

They were using antibiotics

Although antibiotics were officially invented in the twentieth century, doctors in ancient Egypt used moldy bread to treat infected wounds, and these treatments even functioned.

They formed the first police

The first public order force was formed during the Middle Kingdom (2050-1800 BC). This included the most loyal warriors and foreign mercenaries. The police were accompanied by dogs and monkeys. The police defended the temples, assured order in the public markets, and defended the wealthy and the caravans. They were like modern policemen, but with monkeys.

They were the first beer producers

Many archaeological sources prove that the workers who built the pyramids were paid 4-5 liters of beer a day. It can be concluded that the industry was a prosperous one, and beer was a product found abundantly in ancient Egypt.

Surgeons performed extremely difficult operations

The ancient Egyptians are known for their knowledge in medical science, which can be compared to modern medicine. Scientists who examined mummies found traces of complex surgery, heart surgery, organ transplantation, and even evidence of plastic surgery. Unfortunately, this knowledge has been lost and we cannot say everything that these ancient doctors could do.

They used door locks

Locks were created in Egypt and China, most likely because such an invention was needed. The more people lived, the more reason to lock your door was growing. The Egyptian mechanism was rudimentary, but it is the first in the world.

Play bowling

In a site near Cairo, a playground was found, with stripes in depth and balls of different sizes. The rules were different, but the game was like bowling.

Treating eyes

Eye infections were a common disease among the Egyptians. They used various treatment methods, from bactericidal paint and other human brain containing remedies. One of the recipes says: “Cut a human brain into two parts. Mix the first half with honey and apply it in the evening. Dry the second half and apply it in the morning.”. Probably here, the modern man would have some difficulty adapting.


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