8-Year-Old Girl is Officially the Youngest Astronomer in the World

8-Year-Old Girl is Officially the Youngest Astronomer in the World

Even since most of us are kids, we start to look curiously at the stars and wonder about our place among them. We start to wonder things like who we really are, what’s the purpose of life, how big the Universe is, and so on.

But some kids even succeed in their wish to become astronauts. Nicole Oliveira even did it while she was an 8-year-old girl from Brazil, according to ScienceAlert.com. Therefore, Nicole became officially recognized as the world’s youngest astronomer. She already has an impressive portfolio: attending international seminars, searching for asteroids, and more.

Heliomarzio Rodrigues Moreira, who is the girl’s astronomy teacher in Fortaleza (Brazil), declared as quoted by ScienceAlert.com:

She really has an eye. She immediately spots points in the images that look like asteroids and often advises her classmates when they are not sure they have really found any,

The most important thing is that she shares her knowledge with other children. She contributes to the dissemination of science.

When they are little children, people usually want toys for their birthday parties. Cars, trains, planes, action figures, teddy bears – you name it! But that’s not also Nicole’s case, unsurprisingly.

Zilma Janaca, who is the girl’s mother, declared as quoted by ScienceAlert.com:

We understood that this passion for astronomy was serious when she asked us for a telescope as a birthday present when she turned four. I didn’t even really know what a telescope was.

The world sure needs more diligent minds ready to spot dangerous asteroids that are approaching Earth. We’re happy that Nicole has embarked on such a wonderful journey, and we wish her all the luck in life!


Even since he was a child, Cristian was staring curiously at the stars, wondering about the Universe and our place in it. Today he's seeing his dream come true by writing about the latest news in astronomy. Cristian is also glad to be covering health and other science topics, having significant experience in writing about such fields.

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