7 Frightening Aspects Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

7 Frightening Aspects Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Mankind is in the fourth industrial revolution characterized by developments in robotics and autonomous cars. But one of the main aspects that characterize this stage is Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is represented by the development of autonomous computerized systems that could reach or even surpass human intelligence.

Here is a list of 7 frightening aspects of artificial intelligence.

Autonomous cars could be programmed to kill people

If you were driving a car, but a group of kids would appear on your way before you and the brakes did not work what you would do? Well, there are two options: either kill the children, but you save yourself, or you pull the wheel and you stop in a wall, save the children, but you die. Most people would choose to save the children.

But if the person in the car is not a driver, but only a passenger of an autonomous car, what could happen? In this case, most people questioned said they would not want the car to kill them to save the children, in fact, they said they would not buy a car if they knew they would deliberately kill them.

So in the second case, the decision will be taken by the car, and this will do what was scheduled to do. Large companies working on developing autonomous cars have avoided answering this question. But Daimler Ag (the company behind Mercedes-Benz) said in the past that the autonomous car will make the best decisions to protect the life of the passenger in any circumstance. But Mercedez-Benz has denied this statement, arguing that the vehicle will be built to avoid such a dilemma.

Google said the autonomous cars will try to avoid hitting moving things. In this case, the car would probably choose to hit a parapet or wall and kill the passenger.

Robots could claim rights equal to those of people

In view of the recent evolution of the AI, robots may reach a level of awareness. When this happens, the robots may ask for their rights. The AI may request the right to own property, medical insurance, the right to vote, the right to enroll in the army or citizen’s right, and governments may require them to pay taxes.

Autonomous killer robots begin to be used

When we talk about “autonomous robots”, we mean robots that can kill without human intervention or consent. One of the autonomous robot robots is the SGR-A1, a sentinel developed by Samsung Techwin (now called Hanwha Techwin) and the University of Seoul, South Korea.

War robots will be able to change camps

Machinery could steal our jobs

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the robots will take over 21% of jobs in Japan, 30% of jobs in the UK, 35% of jobs in Germany, and 38% of jobs in the US by 2030.

AI will surpass human intelligence

AI is divided into two categories: weak and advanced. The present one is considered weak AI, and the advanced one is considered to be the one that can reason and behave like the human brain.

The AI could destroy mankind

There are people who fear that the world might end up in an apocalypse of robots. But these fears come not from any person but from some of the most important people, Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates. They believe the AI will become so advanced that it will escape human control.


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