5 Things That Should Be False If The Earth Was Flat

5 Things That Should Be False If The Earth Was Flat

The idea that Earth is flat is probably the most terrible expression of scientific illiteracy today, as there are many satellites and planes that bring concrete evidence that the Earth is round. In the conception of the followers, there is a great world conspiracy in which the New World Order, reptilians, Illuminati, Lucifer and other entities try to convince us that the Earth is round because it seems that these organizations or creatures more or less imaginary do not have something better to do.

There are also a number of simple deductions that would make the Earth not to be round, without having to leave the ground. So if the Earth was flat, the five statements below would have to be false.

Moon Eclipses

The earth covers the Moon with a round shadow, which is particularly evident in the partial phases when only a circular arc can be seen from the Moon. If the Earth was flat (and the Moon was not), the eclipse would only be a dark streak on the surface of our natural satellite.

In different parts of the world, seasons occur at different times

If it’s winter here, it’s summer in Australia. This happens because the sun’s rays touch the Earth at different angles, depending on the position of the planet relative to the star. If the Earth was flat, the rays would have come under the same angle, which means that in Italy, Mexico, the North Pole, and the equator the temperatures would have been the same. The existence of these temperature differences cannot be explained if we say that the Earth is flat (neither the idea of poles and equator would exist).

Different stars are visible from different latitudes

In the northern hemisphere, you can see the chariots and the Polar Star, which does not happen when you get to Australia, for example. There you can see the Southern Cross and Alpha Centauri, which you cannot see in the north of the planet. If the Earth was flat, then we would have seen all the same stars.

You cannot see that far on the horizon

When a ship appears, the mast is first seen, then the rest of the vessel. In the case of a flat Earth, it should have seen a whole object that grows with the approach.

The sun rises and sets at different times on Earth

Sunset and sunrise take place at different times in the world. If the Earth was flat, then the sun would rise at the same time in Europe as it emerged in New York. This is not the case, with different hours throughout the globe, depending on the region.


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