1994 XD is an Asteroid the Size of Dozens of Orcas, and It’s Heading Our Way

1994 XD is an Asteroid the Size of Dozens of Orcas, and It’s Heading Our Way

Asteroids are usually small enough to never be able to pose a threat to us. But even so, the Universe is defiant enough to break that rule sometimes, and it doesn’t seem to care a bit about our wishes and future plans to make peace with God. 

1994 XD is an asteroid that’s the same size as 84 orcas put together, and it will rapidly pass by our planet, according to The Jerusalem Post. Surely we all must be grateful that this “wise guy” doesn’t have our planet’s name written on it.

There’s no need to worry about the 1994 XD asteroid

The asteroid in question poses no threat to our precious planet, which means that we can safely continue making plans for the future and achieve all of our goals. Or fail them all terribly. It’s all up to us. 

The huge space rock, which has been designated as 488453 (1994 XD) by NASA, is part of a trio of asteroids making their approach on Monday. With a diameter estimated to be a maximum of 830 meters, it ranks impressively among its celestial peers, although it pales in comparison to massive asteroids like 16 Psyche and Ceres.

To put it in perspective, the asteroid’s diameter is equivalent to the length of roughly 84 of the largest orcas ever recorded. In the realm of killer whales, the males reign as the heavyweight champions. The largest recorded male orca stretched an impressive 32 feet long and tipped the scales at 22,000 pounds. Meanwhile, the largest recorded female measured 28 feet in length and weighed 16,500 pounds. It’s a case of the males out-sizing their female counterparts in the killer whale kingdom.

The Chicxulub impactor that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs tens of millions of years ago likely remains the biggest asteroid to ever collided with our planet. In other words, there are far bigger dangers out there than not getting enough internet speed, although we’re pretty sure that the dinosaurs didn’t invent the internet.


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