Justin Trudeau Increases Efforts To Legalize Recreational Marijuana In Canada

Justin Trudeau Increases Efforts To Legalize Recreational Marijuana In Canada

Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, plans to send four of his cabinet members in the Senate to accelerate the approval of the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Senators suggested delaying the legalization of the recreational marijuana consumption

Since becoming a prime minister, Trudeau has publicly talked about the need to legalize marijuana for recreational use, arguing that the drug will be kept away from children, and profits would not get into the hands of what he calls “criminal elements”.

Shortly after he came to power, the government led by Trudeau signaled that legislation would remain a priority, promising to legalize marijuana in July.

Even though Trudeau insisted that the legalization bill will be approved in summer, senators didn’t consider the bill a priority and suggest that they will delay the approval.

However, marijuana legalization will not come without strict regulations

Canadians who want to cultivate their own plants will be limited to just four plants per household.

Provincial governments will decide how the plant will be sold and at what price. While the federal government will stipulate that the age of buyers should be at least 18 years old, provincial governments could set a higher age limit if they want.

Opposition issues some flaws in the marijuana legalization bill

Larry Smith and other Conservative lawmakers declared that the bill has to be more specific and has to bring viable solutions to what will come next, such as awareness campaigns to reduce unhealthy marijuana consumption, police implication in roadside testings, and so on.

The government also tries to smash the illicit gangs and pot traffic

Ralph Goodale, the Public Safety Minister, declared that in Canada, there are gangs that make more than 5.6 billion USD per year from trafficking marijuana. Even more, the Police officials are spending other billions of US Dollars on drug enforcement.

The Canadian government hopes that upon the legalization of the recreational marijuana, the trafficking will be shut down and the Police could invest the money spent on drug enforcement for everything else. Additionally, it would mean more money to the budget.


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