Your 2021 Staying Healthy Guide

Your 2021 Staying Healthy Guide

Having New Year’s resolutions is one way of planning your life. 2020 has had its larger share of ups and downs, and it’s time now to focus on the coming years. One of the many things that people learned in 2020 was to stay healthy and work remotely or stay at home. 2021 seems to be more of 2020, and that’s why we need to adopt measures to stay healthier. In this staying healthy guide, we will provide some possible measures and practices you can practice at the start of the year and beyond to stay physically and mentally fit. Here is the list.

Get a Physical Activity you Enjoy

At the start of each year, getting into the gym and being physically fit becomes everyone’s resolution. Unfortunately, not everyone goes beyond the planning part. People do purchase gym memberships, make home workout studios, begin morning runs, and much more, but only a few go beyond the second month. Regular exercising and partaking in physical activities is one significant way of staying healthy both in mind and body, and it’s recommended to practice it throughout the year. To make this happen, you can start by choosing an achievable exercise that you enjoy doing and focus on it throughout the year. If a gym isn’t your preferred choice, you can consider other activities, including bike riding, walking, jogging, swimming, and other sustainable exercises. You can also set specific working out durations, including hours per day or days in a week.

Eat Healthily

Our bodies become what we eat. Eating junk and other unhealthy foods will lead to unhealthy, inactive physiques that are hard to maintain or manage. It is important to eat a balanced diet and watch what you eat keenly. According to healthy eating experts from PlateJoy, you can create customized meal plans, personalized recipes, and grocery lists, which saves you time and makes you eat better food, especially at this moment when everyone is running against time. Your food servings need to have whole grains, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits, and fish to provide you with the necessary nutrients required for a healthy body. With the right food in the right quantities, you will control diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, uncontrolled weight, and high blood sugar levels. Whatever you eat, ensure it’s approved and free from chemicals and other contaminants.

Cut back Sweetened Drinks

It is hard to say no to sweetened drinks, including beer, soft drinks, artificially made juices, and their accompaniments. Cutting off or reducing their intake of these drinks should be your number one priority in staying healthy. The reason is that sugary drinks, including beers and soft drinks, have much sugar content that leads to increased risk of having high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, insulin resistance, fatty liver, and cavities. You can opt for zero sugar drinks or cut off the drinks completely and take water or other drinks made of natural ingredients.

More Quality Sleep

In most people’s lives, technology has taken most of their sleeping time. People do spend most of their time on screens and smartphones, having less resting time. For healthy living in 2021, it’s important to cut all these things and concentrate on sleeping. Sleep experts recommend sleeping at least seven to eight hours a day for a healthy lifestyle. Sleep enables your body and mind to regenerate and be fit for the next day’s tasks. Lack of sleep is linked to weight gain, depression, lack of concentration, heart disease, and much more. Ensure you have quality, non-disruptive sleep every day by reducing screen time before bed, cutting off caffeine, reducing light in the bedroom, and going to bed at the recommended time.

A ‘Me Time’ and Self-Care is Important

Besides practicing healthy eating, sleeping well, and other measures, taking care of your mind and self-interests is vital for optimal health and general wellbeing. Such is essential if doing demanding jobs, such as being a caretaker or a parent. Self-care might not be easy to implement due to our tight schedules, but it’s worth it for a healthy lifestyle. You can opt for non-elaborative and non-time consuming measures to take care of yourself, including taking a bath always, attending Yoga classes, meditation, and preparing some favorite meals. It’s essential to get extra sleep or to go out in the park to enjoy the scenery or some deep breaths. Self-care helps to heal and relaxes your mind, which is essential for healthy wellbeing.

There are tons of existing healthy tips that people don’t actualize until when it’s late. Some of these tips and others don’t take much of your time and help you become a healthier person mentally and physically. Although not everyone keeps their New Year resolutions, you can pick the best and stick with it till the year ends to enjoy the healthy benefits.


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