The World’s Military Superpowers are Keeping their Eyes on North Korea

The World’s Military Superpowers are Keeping their Eyes on North Korea

North Korea is getting ready to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of its military and all of the world’s super powers are being cautious about this. The US has already sent a guided-missile submarine in the waters of South Korea and both Japan and South Korean officials have met in Tokyo in order to settle out this issue. The reason why the entire world is waiting for North Korea to do something is because the former has recently started testing some of its missiles and rumor has it that it’s looking to test out its nuclear weapons.

North Korea Ready to Use Nuclear Weapons

The anniversary has already kicked off and until now there’s no news of nuclear activity or military movement. The only public scheduling that North Korea has for its army celebration day is mass public dancing.

Even though the fact that North Korea might be testing its nuclear weapons is still a rumor, the country’s Minister of Defence who is general Pak Yong Sik has announced during a “national meeting” that North Korea is ready to use pre-emptive strikes it feels the need to defend itself against the US. In addition, Pyongyang has also announced a couple of days ago that it will not hold back from striking with everything that it has if North Korea is threatened.

NK Minister of Defence Statement

General Pak Yong Sik stated the following during the “national meeting”: “The situation prevailing on the Korean peninsula is so tense that a nuclear war may break out due to frantic war drills of the US imperialists and their vassal forces for aggression”. We should also mention that Kim Jong Un has chosen not to attend the meeting therefore we don’t know his personal take on this matter.

USS Michigan

USS Michigan is the aforementioned missile-guided submarine that has arrived in South Korea’s waters. The submarine is stationed in Busan right now and its mission has been revealed to be just a simple routine port visit to gather load supplies. In addition, South Korea’s commander Jang Wook has announced that there won’t be any military drills.


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