Working with Sick Children

Working with Sick Children

It can be incredibly difficult to see a child unwell, or struggling to manage basic tasks, which is why healthcare professionals who deal specifically with children are so important. These individuals will need to remain professional at all times, even when situations can seem dire, so it can involve a lot of resilience. Helping younger generations to become healthy, manage their physical and mental health effectively, and even to gain new skills can be rewarding within itself, even without taking salaries into consideration. Since you would be working with vulnerable minors, background checks may be required prior to commencing your role.

Occupational Therapist

Gaining a doctorate degree in occupational therapy will mean that you have undertaken significant years of study, and hopefully gained a lot of crucial experience to aid you within the role. As an occupational therapist, you may be involved with aiding patients who have problems with movement, speech, and other barriers that stop them from meeting their own needs. These may have arisen due to genetic defects, illness, injury, or even abuse. When helping children, occupational therapy can allow them to perform better in school, be able to engage in activities that children of a similar age are capable of, and even improve their level of social functions. The ways in which you help these children will differ, even if the diagnoses are the same, and you will potentially be working with each patient for months or even years.


Considering the shortage of paediatric doctors in the United States, particularly in rural areas, taking a job here would be well needed, and certainly worth it. This could involve you diagnosing, and treating, a number of physical illnesses, but you could also specialize as a psychiatric doctor, allowing you to help children who struggle with poor mental health. In the current world, there are so many pressures on children to perform well at school, and participate in a number of activities to give them the best chances for further education, that this can put a strain on a child’s developing brain and wellbeing.


Nurses also play an important role in the care of sick children. There are a number of requirements within this role that you will need to carry out on a daily basis. Depending on the type of nursing role you apply for, there may be additional qualifications you require. As well as this, you could also be offered a student placement, so that you are able to gain valuable work experience while you study. This could lead to a job offer at the end of your course, so it is important that you take in all you can during this time. It is the nurses who spend a lot of time with the children in their care, so a great bedside manner is a must.

Working with sick children can be exceptionally difficult, as they may not be able to vocalize their problems in the same way an adult can. By looking into the information to hand, and ensuring you always try to do your best, you can really make a difference to the lives of young people.


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