Women’s Healthcare: How Regular Visits To An OB/GYN Can Help You At Different Stages Of Your Life

Women’s Healthcare: How Regular Visits To An OB/GYN Can Help You At Different Stages Of Your Life

Being aware of our emotional and physical health as early as possible helps in understanding our growing bodies. Dealing with developmental and biological issues can be overwhelming. This is why we should seek assistance in trusted medical health professionals to guide us.

Visiting an Obstetrics / Gynaecologist (OB/GYN) doctor, is important for any woman who is serious about her health.

(Here is a list of OBGYNs who accept Medicaid)

Wondering how an OB/GYN can help you? Let’s take a look:

Making The First Visit In Your Teenage Years

Your teenage years are the ideal time to make your first appointment with an OB-GYN and begin a dialogue. You can enquire and receive detailed information about contraception. It is possible that with the influence of social conditions, one might be uninformed or misinformed. Therefore, meeting with a professional will help in clearing all doubts.

If you are sexually inactive, it is a good measure to be educated early on about menstrual cycles (periods) to prevent unplanned pregnancies or any other visible infections. You can also expect to be educated about conducting breast exams at home.

Family Planning And Guidance From Your Twenties To Forties

If you haven’t taken a pelvic test in your teen years, your early twenties are the right time to begin. The twenties can be an emotionally and physically overwhelming phase of life. It is highly advisable to speak to your OB/GYN about your concerns. Breast and abdominal exams are also advised to be taken as early as possible.

Apart from counseling, alternatives in contraceptives and fertility, lifestyle options can also be explored. Conversations about exercise, nutrition, and weight issues should happen as frequently as possible. Your Body Mass Index (BMI) and blood pressure will also be checked.

Your family history could be relevant if you are worried about any recurring problems, especially diabetes and cancer. Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Tests and mammograms are taken to check for any abnormalities.

A discussion about pregnancy with the women who are willing and ready to experience it is imperative. Personal counseling is essential to ensure that you have a safe pregnancy.

Mid-Life Menopause In Your Late Forties To Early Fifties

Fluctuating hormones and irregular periods are some of the signs of Menopause. It usually occurs around the age of fifty. Hot flashes are extremely common during this period and it is a good idea to visit a trusted OB/GYN to prepare yourself as your body changes.

While your doctor guides you about the changes in your lifestyle, complementary approaches, and the necessary medication, you can also get their advice on any other concerns that might be worrying you.

This is a sensitive time for you that will be followed by night sweats, mood swings, and other menopause symptoms. Hence, receiving unconditional support from family members will make the process slightly bearable.

Life After Menopause: Beyond The Fifties

After your periods’ stop, the estrogen produced in the ovaries reduces. You are likely to undergo more hormonal changes. Treatment and counseling for a decreased sex drive and vaginal dryness should be discussed with your doctor. One will also experience changes in the skin, followed by painful and irritable symptoms. Testing the vulva for skin conditions or early-stage cancer is also recommended.

A condition called Lichen Sclerosus is responsible for skin changes and constant itching. If you are facing these symptoms, you should also discuss this with your OB/GYN as it can also be precancerous.


A visit to your nearest medical health professional helps to steer clear of potential health risks. Our evolving bodies can be difficult to adapt to without the right medical help. Regular visits to your doctor with whom you have a comfortable and open relationship will help you get past any issues that you might be facing.


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