Subaru Forester vs. Subaru Outback – Best 2018 Edition Comparison

Subaru Forester vs. Subaru Outback – Best 2018 Edition Comparison

Subaru made things interesting for the average car buyer and created two vehicles that seem to compete with each other in matters of options and facilities.

The Subaru Outback is one of the best station wagons on the market, in direct competition with names such as Volvo or Audi. The Subaru Forester is an SUV that is placed among the top competitors of its kind. You might think that, belonging to different categories, a wagon and an SUV might not have a lot in common, but Subaru made sure that there are many aspects in the case of which this rule does not really apply. However, there are also some differences between the two siblings.

The first difference would be in the price, the Forester being noticeably cheaper than the Outback, with approximately $3,000. However, judging the two models in relation to the categories they belong to, they both come at a very acceptable price.

As far as how comfortable the two cars are, they both provide a very good space, with quality materials and similar seat functionality. Both models have five seats, with enough space for the passengers to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing ride. However, the Outback comes with a better build quality and also slightly better textures and materials, with a more visible focus on design but also on the performance of the equipment.

Another similarity between the two cars is that both models come with the same type of engine and they are both easy to handle in any environment. However, the Forester has been declared better and faster in terms of acceleration, but also cost-efficiency.

On the other side, the Outback scored very well at a very important aspect when it comes to choosing a car and has been declared the safest ride among the two models, with enhanced safety features that made it react very well in crash resistance tests.

In the end, both Subaru models provide attractive features and functionality, which are similar in many ways. It is up to the buyer to decide which of the two cars is better for their purpose.



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