Will Researchers Ever “Cure” Aging?

Will Researchers Ever “Cure” Aging?

Whenever a new paradigm hits you, you often feel a little silly. It seems so simple and, yet, somehow you didn’t put the pieces together earlier.

That’s a common experience that people have when considering medicine. Right now, we think that the best way to spend research dollars is on figuring out how to defeat cancer and dementia. So, right now, thousands of researchers are busy looking for ways to piece the body back together again after it breaks.

But there is another way of approaching the problem – prevent the body from breaking in the first place.

We live in a culture that sees ageing as completely inevitable – an unavoidable fact of life. But when you really explore the topic, you soon find that there’s no reason to think this way.

For one, many species live for thousands of years. Some live forever. How do they do it? It’s not magic. It’s just packed into their DNA. They’re able to consistently repair the damage life does to their bodies, so they don’t decline over time as we do.

So why aren’t researchers and the government seriously considering this approach to disease prevention? Mostly, it has to do with bias. We live in a world that assumes that people must age and that the best that we can do is ease their passing or fight diseases as they crop up.

But that’s not true. We can actually bolster our bodies against the ravages of ageing, effectively slowing downtime, delaying ageing until much later in our chronological lives.

Think about what it would be like to have the body of a fifty-year-old when you’re eighty. It sounds like science fiction, but researchers have done it in the lab with animals. Cutting their calories or putting them on special life-preserving molecules seems to extend their healthspan – the period they live without disease. And as people, that’s precisely what we want. In the future, you could have a weekly medication pack full of all the various supplements you need to make you healthier, instead of correcting your pre-existing sickness.

Researchers Already Know How To Substantially Slow The Rate Of Ageing

Here’s some incredible news: researchers already have a stack of methods they routinely use to slow the rate of ageing of animals in the lab.

Techniques include calorie restriction, fasting, feeding them special compounds from foods, and putting life-extending molecules in their water. What’s amazing about all this is that many of these compounds are available to regular people. For instance, researchers believe that an inflammatory pathway called NF-kB is responsible for a lot of the damage that the immune system does to our cells as we get older. However, they now know that you can suppress this channel by taking a variety of herbs, such as nigella seeds and parsley.

Researchers from other fields have also shown that ageing resides in the mind. How you think about yourself can dramatically affect the rate at which you get older. For instance, people steeped in the past saw their biological clocks turn back in time. Many actually reported feeling younger when listening to music and living in surroundings from an earlier time in their life.

What Can You Do To Slow Aging?

When it comes to slowing ageing, there’s already a huge amount that you can do. Many yogis, for instance, wind up living a very long time because of their calm, inner lives. They have found a sense of peace, and they take that with them through everything they do. Their bodies listen and respond, reducing inflammation.

Once you feel good, you naturally are more interested in eating a healthy diet. If pleasure comes from within, getting it from without won’t be so critical. You won’t have the same cravings you have right now for many of the foods that harm you.

Once you achieve a certain state of mind, physical activity will also naturally follow. You’ll get back in touch with your primal need for movement and, importantly, enjoy it.

Right now, to slow or stop ageing, the foundation has to be there. Even though there are pills and potions on the market, you also need to get the basics right. If you don’t, you’ll work against yourself.

If you feel like you’re in a good place, there are now several NAD+ boosting molecules available on the market. These activate enzymes in the body called sirtuins which help to repair your DNA. The more NAD+ you have in your cells, the more active they are. And, the hope is that, in the long-run, you’ll become healthier.


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