Why Getting A Medical Alert System Is A Good Idea

Why Getting A Medical Alert System Is A Good Idea

Medical alert systems are typically used for seniors in case emergencies happen. For instance, if a senior falls and is unable to get back up, they can get help by sending a notification to their medical alert provider. These are also known as medical emergency response systems (MERS) or personal emergency response systems (PERS).

A detailed overview of how the system works can be given by your provider.  These devices usually take the form of watches, wristbands, bracelets, or necklaces. Typically, a medical alarm base is arranged in your house. This is connected to your medical alert service provider. If you need help for whatever reason, you simply push the device button. A signal is sent to the base set-up within your house. This signal triggers the medical alert system.

If you’re considering a medical alert system for your family member, here are some reasons why getting one is a good idea:

  1. It’s An Affordable Alternative

Nursing homes, private health care services around the house, and assisted living centers are becoming more expensive each year. Medical alert systems are becoming popular, and more affordable alternatives for seniors and individuals with health conditions.

  1. It Gives Individuals The Privacy They Need

With medical alert systems, you can still live in the privacy of your own home. Compared to nursing homes, which are usually packed with strangers and other individuals, these systems allow seniors to live in the comfort of their house enjoying the private lifestyle they prefer.

  1. It Helps Maintain Independence

The system allows individuals with medical conditions and seniors to maintain independence within their own homes. In addition, they don’t need other people, including their loved ones, to check on them regularly.

  1. It Provides Round-the-Clock Availability and Responsiveness

Prevention of illnesses related to aging is possible. However, seniors are still at risk since they have a weaker physique compared to younger individuals. With a medical alert system, monitoring is done 24/7 ensuring that seniors (or individuals with medical conditions) can be taken care of when needed. Emergency assistance can be obtained through a simple push of a button.

The senior or individual can immediately talk to a trained emergency medical specialist via a 2-way communication device. Call centers hire certified and trained healthcare professionals. These medical personnel have the necessary knowledge and experience when it comes to responding to medical emergencies.

  1. It Gives You Peace of Mind

It gives individuals and their loved ones peace of mind. Knowing that somebody is there to assist the individual in case of emergencies frees family members of anxiety and worries. Loved ones know that there’s someone to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, especially when they’re not present with the senior or individual with a medical condition.

  1. It’s Expansive and Functional

Many medical alert systems are available on the market. You can choose one that suits your needs, activity levels, and budget. For instance, some providers offer waterproof devices which can be used in the swimming pool or shower.

Certain systems have a broader range that can monitor individuals not only in their homes but in other places as well. Being on the go won’t be a worry as seniors and individuals are monitored everywhere.

Different medical alert systems also use various connectivity technologies such as cellular, landline, or VoIP. These systems can be used to monitor falls, check compliance with medications, and detect fire, smoke, and dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

  1. It’s Easy to Use, Understand, and Set-Up.

Medical alert systems can be used with a push of a button. In addition, it can be set up easily in your house. In most cases, medical alert systems work by plugging a base unit into an electrical outlet. Then, the individual simply wears the device (pendant, bracelet, wrist-watch, etc.) to ensure they can get medical help when necessary.

Seniors and individuals with medical conditions can easily understand how to use the system. Extensive training on medical alert systems is not necessary. During emergency situations, the individual will push the help button, and it will immediately alert the call center. Emergency medical personnel will now be ready to assist the individual with the emergency.

In Conclusion

Medical alert systems are life-saving tools beneficial to seniors and individuals with medical conditions. They’re very easy to use, and individuals can get help with just a push of a button. Setting the system up is relatively straightforward too. You plug the base unit to an electrical outlet within your house. If you’re considering this system for your loved one, it’s best to talk to an industry professional to help you choose the best system for your needs.


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