Why CBD Is Becoming Very Popular

Why CBD Is Becoming Very Popular

With so much hype over CBD, you might yourself be wondering what it is that makes it so popular. If you’re looking for more information about the compound’s all-round benefits, read on below to find out more.

It’s legal

The first thing to clear up about CBD is that, although it is found in the cannabis plant, it is completely legal. The “high”-inducing THC is an entirely separate compound found in the plant, and actually, CBD has been found to have opposing effects to THC. While some research has linked THC to the formation of psychosis, a 2018 clinical trial has found that CBD can “reset” brain activity in patients with psychosis, normalising the dysfunction that can lead to the illness.

It’s versatile

CBD is one of the most versatile natural medications around. It can be taken in tablet or gummy form, ingested as an oil, vaped, or applied to the skin as a topical cream. The form of CBD most applicable to you usually depends on which illness, if any, you would like to treat. For example, people with joint pain or skin conditions can benefit the most from applying CBD to the body as a cream, while people treating mental illness will benefit more from ingesting the compound in oil or tablet form.

You can use it in your cooking

Some people aren’t keen on CBD oil’s distinct taste, which is why disguising it in your foods is sometimes a better alternative to taking the compound unaccompanied. CBD can be mixed with food in powder or oil form, and hundreds of CBD-food recipes are now available online, including cocktails, smoothies, brownies, salads and breakfast bowls.

It treats mental and physical illness

Whether you’re looking to treat a specific illness, or you’d just like to improve your general wellbeing, CBD’s health benefits are never-ending. Studies have found it to successfully treat multiple mental illnesses, including anxiety, depression and insomnia, as well as physical illnesses such as chronic pain and epilepsy. There has even been proof of CBD fighting cancer, lowering blood pressure, and treating dementia patients.

It’s reasonably priced

No, CBD oil isn’t cheap- or if you’ve found a cheap option, it’s most likely not going to be of a quality worth purchasing. But that’s not to say it’s out-of-your-budget expensive, either. On Amazon, CBD products tend to range between £10-50, but this is very much dependant on product size and dosage.

It’s completely natural

We’re only just learning of the dangers of GMOs, additives and all the other non-natural chemical sources out there, and it’s right to feel wary about putting any old substance into your body. Many people with mental illnesses choose not to be treated with medically prescribed drugs, which do not always work on everyone, and can often have undesirable adverse effects. As it is derived from a plant source, CBD is natural, vegan, and virtually untouched, containing no additives or preservatives. This can make for a preferable alternative to prescription medications.

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