What Does The “Whitechapel Fatberg” Say About Modern Life Habits

What Does The “Whitechapel Fatberg” Say About Modern Life Habits

The “Whitechapel Fatberg” was a solid mass similar to a rock made of grease, wet napkins, and other residues flushed down the toilets or sinks. This fatberg has been found clogging a sewer pipe in eastern London. More important, the fatberg says lots about modern life habits.

What does a “fatberg” means?

A fatberg is made up of the grease and oils used for frying and which people pour in the sink or in the toilet when they have finished cooking. Usually, the liquid grease and oils are still hot when threw in toilets or sinks.

Then, after the contact with cold water from the ducts and sewage system, grease and oils get hard and combine with other materials.

The most troublesome material the grease and oils can combine with are wet-naps. People think these wet-naps can be thrown into the toilet, just like toilet paper.

However, wet-naps don’t actually disintegrate in the water. Wet-naps remain solid and can clog the pipes.

There have been found many “fatbergs” in the London sewage, over time. However, the “Whitechapel Fatberg” was the biggest one. It weighed not less than 130 tonnes and had a length of 250 meters.

A piece of the “fatberg” is exposed at the Museum Of London

“This fat mass tells a little about the evolution of London,” said Sharon Robinson-Calver, the curator of the museum.

A growing population and a diet rich in fats have led to this problem. Plus, an old sewerage network from the Victorian era and people’s lack of interest in environmental issues.

What does this monster “fatberg” say about modern life habits of the Londoners?

It could be called selfishness but, most probably, is lack of sufficient knowledge about the possible downsides of adopting such practices.

There are laws against throwing down the sink and toilets objects that could clog the pipes.

However, the law doesn’t refer to oil and grease, precisely. Therefore some people believe it is safe to flush grease down the sink, having no clue that grease and oils can clog ducts and produce fatbergs of monstrous sizes.

In conclusion, people have to learn some common-sense rules about how to throw away residues without affecting the environment or the others.


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