Where do These Space-Cons Come From?

Where do These Space-Cons Come From?

There are cones from space all over the Earth, and our planet is the one to blame.

What are these space-cons?

The shape of most of the meteorites that were found on our planet is unique and interesting. However, there is a pattern as the shape of 25% of the meteorites resemble a cone when the pieces are glued as they were in the beginning. The name of these little bodies is “oriented meteorites.” What are these doing o Earth you must ask yourself. Well, according to the recent experiments published online on 22nd of July in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), as they fall to Earth, these rocks are carved by the atmosphere in the shape scientists found them.

According to the leader of the study, a New York University (NYU) mathematical physicist, Leif Ristroph, we can get to know the oriented meteorites better thanks to these experiments. The meteorites are melted and reshaped by the very aerodynamic forces, and they arrive on Earth in the final form of a cone.

More details into the matter

The environment encountered by the meteoroids towards our planet is not easy to precisely replicate. The objects are melted and deformed due to the sudden friction generated by the high speeds of the impact that heats and gives them this shape. Where the study occurred, in the NYU lab, these conditions were not replicated but replaced.

Balls of soft clay were pinned by the researchers in the center of streams of rushing water in order to make a similar effect. The scientists found that the clay had a tendency of becoming cone-shaped. A difference between the real thing and the simulated one would be that the clay did not move in water whereas the meteoroids move when traveling towards our planet.


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