When Will The Pandemic Risk Be Gone?

When Will The Pandemic Risk Be Gone?

There will be a time in the future when the emergency phase of the coronavirus pandemic will be over. However, many people are wondering when will that happen.

In the middle of January, one of the deadliest months of the past twelve months, the Biden administration put out a comprehensive national strategy for defeating the virus, just one day after the inauguration.

The 200-page document includes many useful targets like restoring trust among the American citizens and mounting a “safe, effective, and comprehensive vaccination campaign.”
However, nobody mentioned how can we know that the pandemic is over or at least the critical phase passed.

The so-called end of the pandemic can have various meanings. The WHO (World Health Organization) initially declared a “public health emergency of international concern” at the end of January last year, initially labelling the situation as a “pandemic” until March 11.

However, all governments must act all on their own, disregarding what the WHO says in many cases. Governments have to decide if and how to reopen schools and decrease the level of restrictions on businesses.

Most experts agreed that we are very far away from completely beating COVID in the foreseeable future, meaning that there will be no new cases.

Celine Gounder, an infectious-disease specialist from the NYU said that beating COVID would require “very high levels of vaccination coverage.”

One recent threshold says that the pandemic will be mostly over when the country registers less than 5,000 new daily cases and under 100 deaths.

The threshold was inspired by the logic that dictated the country’s average death toll from influenza.


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