What to Use in Order to Keep your Lips Soft

What to Use in Order to Keep your Lips Soft

We have all been there at one point or another, whether we were at home, outside in the harsh weather or during and important meeting. We have all felt our lips chapped at perhaps the most inconvenient time possible. This is why today we are going to be looking at the ways in which we can keep our lips hydrated and glowing for a very healthy look.

First step – Lip Balms

This should not come as a surprise for anybody. We all known that using lip balms is always a good thing for keeping one’s lips hydrated. However, not all balms are the right kind of balms. You should be looking for balms that are infused with a variety of superfoods that are good for your skin.

For example, citric fruits like grapefruit or mandarins are rich in vitamin A and C and the potassium in grapefruit protects the skin from UV rays. Blueberries are good for stopping premature aging while cranberries have vitamin B3 and B5 which help protect against environmental factors that can damage the skin. When you are out there shopping try to look for lip balms that have extracts from any of these fruits.

Second step – Brush, brush, brush

If you want to get rid of the dead skin on your lips, the best option would be to apply a thin layer of organic balm then scrub your lips with a small brush and rub your lips to get the dead skin cells off.

Tip: You can exfoliate your lips very cheaply by using coconut oil or sugar; both of these products are known to be good for the skin, to moisturize it or for a scrub.

Third step – Natural oils

Last but not least, you can use jojoba oil or green tea oil to moisturize and keep your lips looking fresh and glowing. You can mix these oils with sugar to create a natural scrub or just apply them in a thin layer on your lips.


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