What to Expect From an Invisalign Treatment

What to Expect From an Invisalign Treatment

Having a perfect smile is like a dream that we all have. Some of us are able to achieve it by just being natural because of the perfect teeth that we are blessed with, while others might need to go through a number of processes in order to make their natural smile the best one. This in no way means that you should be less confident or that without your teeth being in the best shape you can never smile openly. Off course you can have the perfect smile, but resolving teeth problems should still be on your priority because it is not just about appearance but also your dental health.

The issues might just seem to be a problem with how you look but that is not the only thing, they can lead to gum problems and will cause pain if not dealt properly at the right time. For various issues like crooked teeth, gaps, alignment and others, there are a number of different treatment methods. The two most common ones are braces and Invisalign. If you are more of a person who would like to maintain their appearance throughout the treatment, Invisalign is an option for you, as they are almost invisible and so unlike braces, people won’t even notice that you are having this treatment. However, there are a number of other factors that you need to keep in mind. You should know beforehand what exactly to expect during an Invisalign treatment. So, if you have made the decision, here are some basics of what might come in your way when during the treatment so that you are prepared:

At the Beginning:

According to New York Total Dental, the first part of the process is simple enough for you to deal with. All you have to do is consult with a few orthodontists, if your family dentist does not provide these services. Get an insight on how your treatment will be processed because Invisalign are personalized depending upon your condition. Once you have an idea, settle down on one and you can begin your treatment. For starters, the doctor will take some insights and scanned photographs of your teeth to know the condition better. These will be then sent out to the lab and the process of making your Invisalign will begin. Once they are ready, you will be called again and given some pairs and the doctor will make sure that they explain you the process briefly.

During The Treatment:

Once you have got your plastic aligners, you need to be very cautious during the treatment time period. There are some basic things that you should know and follow in order to expect proper results. Some of them can be listed as:

  • You need to change your Invisalign after every two week or so. There might be slight variations depending upon the needs so make sure to confirm this with your orthodontist.
  • You cannot eat or drink anything but water with them on; you need to take them out before every meal. Once you have had your food, brush your teeth properly, and then you can put the Invisalign back again. It is necessary to not drink anything apart from water with them on because they will most probably get stained and eventually visible. Also, be very careful about the hot drinks, as it might result in making the Invisalign melt a bit, which clearly is not something advisable.
  • You need to wear them for a minimum of 20-22 hours a day. This means that the only time you can take them off is when you want to eat something. It also means that you won’t be able to eat snacks all day long.
  • Last, but certainly the most important one is that you need to prepare yourself for this change. Since they are removable, you might end up wearing them less than required. This will only make your chances of achieving the desired results go low.

At The End:

Once the part of wearing Invisalign is over, your doctor will probably give you the retainers which you need to wear only at night. The reason why this part is significant is the fact that our teeth love to go back to their original position. If you just end the process with Invisalign, your teeth will probably find a way back. Also, it will be just a waste of time, money and effort if you do not follow the retainer cycle so make sure to not skip on that and you will have the perfect pair of teeth!


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