What Should You Expect From Sedation Dentistry in Bethlehem, PA?

What Should You Expect From Sedation Dentistry in Bethlehem, PA?

The pain that comes with dental procedures and invasive methodology is a primary cause of dental anxiety. However, you can overcome your worries with the help of sedation dentistry. In Bethlehem, PA, the laws require dentists to obtain a special authorization to use sedatives on their patients.

So, if you need to visit an experienced dentist Bethlehem in PA has many such dentists offering sedation based dental treatments for you.

Who Needs Sedation Dentistry?

Every person has a different mechanism to cope with fear and anxiety. When it comes to dental care, the severity of anxiety can differ from person to person. The dentists use sedation dentistry for cases like:

  • When the patient has pharyngeal reflex
  • If the patient has sensitive or delicate teeth
  • For major dental procedures
  • If you have a hard time settling in the dental chair
  • When you have a low pain tolerance

What are the Levels of Sedation Dentistry?

The dentist uses medication to sedate the patient before a dental procedure. The medicine helps the patient to relax throughout the treatment. Normally, he remains conscious unless the method requires general anesthesia. Depending on a patient’s medical history or allergies, the dentist will vary the level of sedation and amount of anesthesia. They include:

  • Minimum sedation where the patient remains awake and completely relaxed
  • Moderate sedation in which the patient will not remember the procedure, though they may slur a little
  • Deep sedation to keep the patient on the edge of consciousness
  • General anesthesia for making the patient unconscious throughout the treatment

Types of Sedation Dentistry

When it comes to reducing the anxiety and pain from dental treatments, you can visit the office of a dentist. When looking for a dentist, Bethlehem PA has many dentists who offer the right type of sedation dentistry. The doctor will use a treatment that suits your oral conditions and medical history. The main types of sedation used by dentists are:

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide or Laughing Gas is an effective type of sedation used for dental procedures. It keeps the patient relaxed and comfortable throughout the treatment. Nitrous oxide is light sedation that wears off fast and is easy to administer.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation can be minimal or moderate, according to the type of treatment. In minimal sedation, the dentist gives you a pill half an hour before your treatment to make you feel drowsy. A higher dose of the same pill is given for moderate sedation one hour before the procedure. It makes the patient fall asleep, but they can get awake with a gentle shake.

IV Sedation

When the patient gets the sedative through their veins, it’s the procedure of IV sedation in dentistry. Here, the dentist needs to administer the right amount of sedation according to the patient’s conditions. It is a faster process of sedating, and the patient remains conscious throughout the treatment.

Is it Safe to Opt For Sedation Dentistry?

The treatment under sedation dentistry is ordinarily safe if you choose an experienced and competent professional. Patients with obesity and sleep apnea should consult their doctor before opting for sedation to avoid complications.

Choose a well-qualified dentist who will help you to ease your dental anxiety with the best procedure.

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