What Should You Eat If You Have Prediabetes – Best Foods Revealed

What Should You Eat If You Have Prediabetes – Best Foods Revealed

Prediabetes is a common condition defined by having blood sugar levels that are higher than normal but not that bad to be diagnosed with diabetes.

Most people struggle with what food they should eat or avoid or if a tough diet plan is really needed. In fact, things are easier than some can imagine.

Here is what you need to know.

Recommended Foods


Not only do eggs taste delicious, but they’re also super healthy and nutritious!

Eggs are perfect for breakfast, launch, or dinner and a fantastic source of protein. You can serve them boiled, poached, or scrambled and enjoy a great meal!

And the best part is that eggs are high in protein, too, but have no carbohydrates. That means your blood sugar levels won’t be affected.

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Beans are complex carbs and contain protein and fiber. Aiming to consume more complex carbs and fewer simple carbs can highly support your blood sugar levels!

Also, complex carbs can regulate blood sugar levels than simple carbs. The reason?

Apparently, they take longer to reach the bloodstream.



Almonds are an all-around nutritious snack! They are filled with healthy fats, being a great source of protein and fiber.

They’re also perfect for someone who has prediabetes because they can help you manage your blood sugar levels while keeping you full for a long time.

Foods to Consider Avoiding

Fast Food

Fast food, such as burgers and fries, is high in calories. Consuming calories in excess can result in weight gain and elevated blood sugar levels.

If you still want to go to a fast-food restaurant, try a salad or grilled cheese for a more nutritious meal.

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Regular Soda

Regular soda contains a mix of carbonated water, added sugar, and food coloring. It lacks a nutritional value, and the added sugar can increase your blood sugar levels a lot!



Chocolate, gummy worms, and other candies contain simple sugars.

This type of sugar can reach the bloodstream quickly, increasing your blood sugar levels. Try fibers to slow down how quickly those simple sugars get into the bloodstream.


Remember to discuss with a doctor any concerns about prediabetes.

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