What is “Dirty Keto” and Where Did It Come From?

What is “Dirty Keto” and Where Did It Come From?

Not many people have heard of the keto diet and now it has been compared with the apple cider vinegar and intermittent fasting diets.

But now there’s a new version of keto diet called “dirty keto”.

Dirty keto is very much the same as OG keto, focusing mainly on macronutrients – up to 75% of calories from fat, 15 to 30% of calories from protein and up to 10% of calories from carbs.

Facebook has helped a lot the dirty keto community – there’s a dedicated page called: The Dirty Keto Life. Yet nobody knows where it all came from. The difference between these two diets is that you can eat processed food rather than opting only for avocado and olive oil.

Dr. Scott Keatley, R.D. of Keatley Medical Nutrition Therapy explains the difference between these two diets: the dirty keto allows you to eat fats, as your body will use those fats as a form of energy (a.k.a ketosis).

For dirty keto it doesn’t seem of much importance where the fat comes from. For e.g. you can eat an egg-sausage-sandwich, a bun-less bacon cheeseburger for lunch and an ice-cream at dinner. Vegetables are not considered important for the dirty keto dieters.  It may be considered bad for your health, all that processed food. That’s because dieters are choosing the super-processed food over healthy fats and vegetables which can improve your health.

The golden question remains: can you lose weight through dirty keto? The answer is yes, according to Keatley. The secret is to put your mind into a state that will allow you to burn the extra fat instead of burning sugar. Though, calories still matter. A woman’s diet is comprised of 1,800 up to 2,400 calories per day only to maintain current weight, if you want to lose the extra pounds you’ll have to withdraw 500 calories from your daily diet to lose a pound a week.

In conclusion should we or should we not try the keto diet?

Keatley says probably not, being a temporary fix at best.

Alissa Rumsey M.S., R.D. a non-diet dietitian based in New York City agrees that the keto diet isn’t good at all for people in the long run. Approximately 90-95% of people who lose weight through diets gain it back soon enough and even more.


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