What Incredible Discovery Did Scientists Make in Antarctica

What Incredible Discovery Did Scientists Make in Antarctica

The concept of a parallel Universe is most certainly an enticing one. Let us first get to the bottom of it: what is a parallel Universe? Well, it is a place of alternate realities, where different choices are made when compared to this one and different outcomes persist. Parallel Universes are a part of the multiverse, where an infinite number of parallel Universes exist in infinite space-time. Theoretically, at least.

A bunch of articles on the possibility of there being a parallel Universe were published last month after a New Scientist article that also contained some far-fetched claims about scientific research going on in Antarctica. A new research paper now provides a much more realistic explanation for the two strange events that recently occurred in Antarctica: compacted snow and, possibly, underground lakes, which then caused some unexpected radio pulses to be wildly misinterpreted.

Let us take a first look at the event that caused the uproar about a parallel Universe initially. In both 2016 and 2018, high-energy neutrinos looked as if they are coming up and out of the Earth by themselves, then heading towards the sky. The Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna experiment used radio antenna at high altitude balloons just above the South Pole in order to look for radio pulses of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays and neutrinos coming from outer space.

These high-energy neutrinos are actually minute particles that are able to pass through pretty much everything, even our own planet. Some of these are created by gamma ray bursts and exploding stars. The researchers over in Antarctica found some radio pulses that seemed to indicated that high-energy neutrinos are coming upward out of the ground, leading to various different explanations, such as:

  • The neutrinos passed through Earth’s core, then came out of the ground
  • A fourth neutrino exists
  • Dark matter caused this

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  1. I’ve been saying for years that crop circles are caused by cosmic rays, or now neutrinos, hitting the earth, or now coming outa the earth. Could be!


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