What Good Manners Should Kids Be Thought; Adults Too!

What Good Manners Should Kids Be Thought; Adults Too!

Gratitude is a fantastic quality to see in a child, and if they have good and pleasant etiquette, then you will have a better chance of knowing how to raise a thankful child. So, what are some of the best good manners your kid should follow?

The phrases “please” and “thank you” are mandatory, but good manners involve much more than simply those two phrases. Children need to be taught not only how to interact with other kids but also with their families and other adults. We’ve compiled a cool guide on good manners for both kids and adults. Have a look at it down below!

Everything Begins at Home

  • Always begin your requests with “Please.”
  • When you get anything, make sure to say “thank you.”
  • Always make sure you have permission to touch or take anything
  • Pay respect both to your own and to the property of others
  • Wait till others have finished speaking before you do so
  • Make sure you pick up after yourself
  • Avoid using foul or offensive words

And how about being a guest?! Well, take a look at the following:

  • Hold open the door for other individuals and smile and say hello to them as you pass them
  • When welcoming someone, it is appropriate to both shake hands and make eye contact
  • Make an offer to anyone who enters your home to serve them
  • Don’t forget to acquaint your guests with the residents of your house when they arrive
  • When you are a visitor at someone else’s house, it is polite to offer to help out and provide assistance
  • At the end of your stay, be sure to express your gratitude

Out and About

When you are out and about, make sure to throw away your trash in a bin
Be kind to those who are older and open the door to them
Always say “excuse me” if you accidentally bump into someone
When in a public location or riding on public transportation, if you see someone who appears to be elderly or physically challenged, offer your seat to them


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