What Benefits Do 100% Veterans Get In Georgia?

What Benefits Do 100% Veterans Get In Georgia?

In the state of Georgia, the state has a benefit system for veterans. This system is put in place to help ex-servicemen, who have suffered in the line of duty, with their day to day lives after service.

In this article, we are going to discuss all of the disabled veterans’ benefits in Georgia, especially for those who are classed as 100% disabled.

100% disabled veterans are usually those who have lost limbs or vision.

Free Veteran Home

The state of Georgia has two funded homes for veterans. There is one in Milledgeville and one in Augusta. Any veteran with an honorable discharge can apply to be homed here under state funding.

Both of these veterans’ homes are staffed by trained professionals. This makes it easy for any veteran to receive care that is specifically tailored towards people who have served in military operations. As well as the trained therapists and counselors, there are also excellent medical teams at both homes. Another benefit to these homes is the community, and often veterans benefit from being surrounded by people who understand them.

Homestead Tax Exemption

If you fall under the class of 100% disabled veteran, your spouse, as long as they have not remarried, is entitled to exemption from property tax on their home. The exemption is currently set to a maximum of $77,307. For current information, visit this link for details from the country tax department.

Employment Benefits

If you are a war veteran seeking employment with the state, you automatically receive a 5 point credit, if you are a veteran with a disability factor of 10% or more you are entitled to 10 point credit.

If you are a veteran with a 25% disability or more, you may be able to claim exemption from paying occupational taxes, as well as reduction in fees for owning a business or following a profession.

In 2019 a new rule was made that allows anyone from the military with firefighter training to use their military firefighting training for full and part-time work. This also includes firefighters at airports.

Recreational Benefits

Veterans in the state of Georgia are allowed to claim a free fishing/hunting license for one year.

Veterans also get a 25% discount card, which allows them to enter any of the state’s historical spots and national parks.

State Cemeteries For Veterans

If you are a veteran in the state of Georgia, you automatically gain the option to be buried in either of the state veteran cemeteries. As long as you left the army through any means other than a dishonorable discharge, you are allowed to be buried in either. If you wish to be buried in either of the state veteran cemeteries, you can click on this link for information.

Changing Benefits

In America, military benefits have always been a bit of a mine-field. They vary a lot, and it can be challenging to keep on top of what you are entitled to as an ex-serviceman.

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