What Are the Signs of Heart Disease?

What Are the Signs of Heart Disease?

Heart disease is by far one of the most dangerous diseases out there in the world. It affects so many people that a recent study has found out that one in four people suffers from heart disease. Such a statistic does speak volumes about the size of the issue. However, how can we tell if we may be suffering from it? We are here to tell about some of the easiest to spot signs that indicate if you may be suffering from heart problems

Step number one – look at your nails

Digital clubbing is a telltale sign that something is not okay with your heart.  Digital clubbing happens when one’s fingernails become thicker and wider since the body is producing an excessive amount of tissue. The reason why this happens is because the oxygenated blood that the heart pumps is not able to reach the fingers properly.

Step number two – is that a new lipstick or are your lips blue

We jest but if your lips look a bit bluish you may want to go get checked by a doctor, This happens when the heart is not able to deliver oxygenated blood to the tissue in your lips, creating the blue color. However, in this case you do not need to worry unless your lips have been blue for a long period of time. Otherwise it may just be caused by something else.

Step number three – look at your teeth

Studies have shown to us that if we experience tooth loss or if our gums are inflamed for no reason we may suffer from heart problems. The mouth is a cavity that is teaming with bacteria. Bad bacteria may find its way into our bloodstream if it gets into a cut.

If you feel that something is wrong you should always go get checked out by a doctor to see if you may suffer from something. These small tips may help you see for yourself if there is something wrong but an experts’ opinion is always better.


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