What Are The Pros & Cons Of Using Kratom For Losing Excessive Weight 

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Using Kratom For Losing Excessive Weight 

Are you interested in losing several pounds and inches from your body? Do you want a natural alternative to pharmaceutical cures, such as diet pills? If so, kratom weight loss solutions might be just the thing you need to help manage your weight!

What Is Kratom?

Kratom is an evergreen tree that grows in Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. The leaves are removed and processed from the plant and then used for weight loss, pain relief, anxiety and many other disorders.

It contains a variety of compounds, including the active alkaloid mitragynine. The scientific name of the plant is Mitragyna speciosa.

The leaves can be chewed, smoked or made into a tea. The market also has capsules, extracts, gums, pellets and powders that can be used for similar effects.

How Does Kratom Work For Weight Loss?

There are several ways that the right kratom choices can help you to lose weight. Combined, these benefits provide a powerful boost to anyone’s weight loss efforts.

Here are the main benefits of taking kratom weight loss supplements:

Appetite suppressant: Many dieters appreciate the fact that kratom supplementation can make it much easier to say no to their favorite fare because they simply don’t feel hungry. While most diet pills can cause stomach irritation, that isn’t the case with correctly dosed kratom.

Fewer cravings: If you crave particular foods to satisfy your desire to eat, kratom is an excellent way to get those under control. Unhealthy fare is common in our society, making it difficult for people to resist unnecessary carbs and fats. This can lead to intense cravings that are tough to overcome.

However, kratom curbs cravings by providing the reward centers in the brain that are usually sated with sugary and fatty foods.

Boosts energy and motivation: If you feel fatigued or difficulty finding the motivation to stay on track with a diet, kratom can help. By boosting your energy levels and activating the release of dopamine and serotonin, it will be possible for you to stay on track with your new lifestyle plan.

Anti-anxiety/anti-depressant: Kratom has shown great promise in helping those with anxiety and depression to feel more comfortable. These painful conditions are alleviated with the release of endorphins in the body. Endorphins are simply a hormone that boosts calm feelings.

What Kratom Is Good For Weight Loss?

In order to have a positive experience with kratom, it is essential that you choose the right strains. Otherwise, you might purchase a strain that has the opposite effects of what you are looking for.

High-quality Maeng Da is the best option for weight loss. Although available in red and green-veined strains, the white-veined Maeng Da is the best for boosting your weight loss efforts. Thai is a great choice as well. As with Maeng Da, if you intend to try other strains stick to the white-vein leaves.

Avoid red-vein strains, as well as those from Indonesia, Borneo and Bali. These can have a sedative effect which can increase rather than curb your appetite.

What Is The Kratom Weight Loss Dosage?

Start with the lowest suggested dose possible rather than taking a bunch at once hoping for quick results. To begin with, only take 1-2 grams. This amount is often effective for curbing appetite and increasing energy.

However, if that is not sufficient after an hour, you can take a bit more. Don’t exceed five grams total with this second dose. At the high end, you can take 5-7 grams at a time. Keep in mind that you are more likely to build a tolerance quickly if you stick with that high amount.

What Should I Do To Lose Weight With Kratom?

The benefits associated with kratom work best if you are also participating in healthy lifestyle choices. For instance, eating healthy, high-quality meals. Additionally, more activity will boost your calorie burning efforts with kratom.

Kratom is a great way to supplement your weight loss efforts thanks to the appetite suppression and increased energy.

If you want to lose weight but aren’t interested in using diet pills with harmful side effects, consider using kratom instead. This all-natural plant material can help you to achieve your weight loss goals while balancing your mood.

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