What Are the Effects of Drugs on Your Body?

What Are the Effects of Drugs on Your Body?

Those interested in bringing national attention to the substance abuse rates focus on the addiction’s effects on an individual’s body, productivity, overall health, and even the substance user’s ability to sustain friendships and other personal relationships. Most productive conversations will address how drug use affects the addict’s life in terms of professional success and how it impacts their family members and friends’ lives. In some cases, mental health professionals and government legislators encourage the general public to consider how substance use affects the community. With substance abuse’s ability to trigger a domino effect of destruction, we fail to discuss the long-term and life-altering health issues sustained during drug abuse.

Suppose those suffering from substance use disorders truly understood the physical damage drugs and alcohol could cause on their physical health. In that case, they might think twice before injecting, smoking, or snorting their drug of choice. Without intervention, substance abuse has the power to turn your life upside down, stall your sense of motivation, and interfere with your relationships while wreaking havoc on your internal organs.

Heroin and meth.are the most dangerous drugs in terms of the physical harm they can inflict on your body. With the destruction these drugs can cause in mind, most would consider it a miracle when someone survives months and even years of heroin or meth abuse.

Due to meth’s potentially lethal outcomes, this article will concentrate on the effects of meth on the body. If you or a loved one suffer from an addiction to meth, familiarize yourself with this list of adverse side effects before the damage is irreversible.

How meth adversely affects the human body

Though many users seek out meth for its euphoric and mood-boosting effects, the negative effects of meth on the body make for an unfair tradeoff. For those few minutes of boosted extra energy, the drug user risks permanent damage to certain parts of their body, potentially leading to permanent disability or even death.

As we delve into some of the specific areas of the body that meth could adversely affect, it’s vital to understand the harsh reality that all forms of substance abuse, no matter the substance, are incredibly harmful. That’s especially true of illicit drugs taken in large quantities.

Dental health

The physical problems meth can cause starts with dental health. Experts coined the term “meth mouth” for a reason. One of the side effects of routine meth use is dry mouth. When the mouth is unable to secret saliva, it loses the ability to combat cavity-causing bacteria, causing tooth decay. If these dental issues advance beyond a certain point, meth abusers may suffer from unsightly tooth loss that may result in discomfort and drops in self-esteem.

Neurological health

It should not surprise anyone to find out that meth harms the brain. This illicit substance affects the brain’s ability to secrete neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, vital to the brain’s function. Without proper neurotransmitters, the human body loses control of certain body functions. It also affects how the user sleeps, which eventually will lead to other health conditions.

It’s worth noting that when a substance alters brain function, it can lead to strokes. It can also prompt the onset of life-altering conditions like Parkinson’s disease.

Respiratory health

The ingestion of meth by snorting or smoking will impact the way a person’s lungs function. It will also tear the walls of the lungs, which could lead to dangerous bleeding episodes. Finally, meth causes the user to start breathing rapidly, putting unnecessary strain on the lungs. If that happens often enough, it could lead the lungs to collapse due to overexertion.

Circulatory health

Excessive use of meth can put a tremendous strain on a person’s heart. One of the most life-threatening effects of meth abuse is increased heart rate. When a person’s heart rate increases too frequently, it can cause them to start having chronic blood pressure problems. We all know that high blood pressure damages arteries and veins, a precursor to heart attacks.

Immune System

A human being is always at the mercy of their body’s ability to fight off dangerous viruses like Coronavirus. Anyone who uses meth regularly is likely to damage their immune system because of improper blood flow throughout the body, leaving meth users vulnerable to viral and bacterial diseases. The sharing of needles to inject meth exposes you to diseases like hepatitis and HIV.


After reading this information, it should be clear that meth’s temporary high isn’t worth the seemingly endless list of possible health issues. Any combination of these health issues has the potential to kill you, putting your loved ones at risk of depression, anxiety, or even homelessness due to your passing.


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