WEF Confirms Global CBDC, Admitting That They Will Track What We Eat, Where We Travel, Who We Speak To And More

WEF Confirms Global CBDC, Admitting That They Will Track What We Eat, Where We Travel, Who We Speak To And More

It seems that the people at WEF are bolder than we previously believed. Check out their plans for the future below.

WEF admits they will track everything we do

Check out the following video below:

In other recent news, it is also important that we note the fact that Argentina President Javier Milei warned against collectivism at Davos 2024

Yesterday, Milei said he wanted “to plant the ideas of freedom in a forum that is contaminated by the 2030 socialist agenda.” Today, he attacks collectivism:

“The main leaders of the Western world have abandoned the model of freedom for different versions of what we call collectivism. We’re here to tell you that collectivist experiments are never the solution to the problems that afflict the citizens of the world. Rather, they are the root cause.”

Someone commented: “the Davos Forum controls various domains in the world such as legislation, finance, media, culture, police, and military as well as the people’s thoughts and actions. we will definitely not allow the Party of Davos to succeed in its plan to create digital slavery. The evil twins, the CCP and the Party of Davos, are not far from their end! Davos Forum controls the World. CCP completely controls the Davos! infiltration.”

In other recent news,it looks like Klaus Schwab is suggesting the fact that AI should replace democratic elections. Check out the latest video in order to see what he has to say about this.

Klaus Schwab addresses democratic elections

Here is the video that sheds more light on the matter:

Someone commented: “Predict Elections, if some theories are correct they can predict the elections already because the winner is already pres elected to win by these people at Davos/WEF.”

Stay tuned for more juicy news coming from the WEF.

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