Wearing Masks Provokes A Condition, Eye Doctors Warn

Wearing Masks Provokes A Condition, Eye Doctors Warn

Eye doctors say that wearing masks might lead to a condition known as MADE (Mask-Association Dry Eye), WTVD says.

Experts of the Centre for Ocular Research and Education are raising awareness about the condition.

Dr. Amorette Hanna, who works at Stonehenge, stated:

The Condition

“People complaining about a sandy, gritty sensation, a burning sensation, red eyes, tearing, sometime bury vision.”

The symptoms manifest when a cloth mask doesn’t properly hug the face, resulting in a gap.

When you exhale, air goes up the open space and dries out the eyes.

Doctor’s Advice

Optometrists suggest wearing a mask with a little wire so that you can make sure that it sits snugly around the nose and doesn’t leave the gap.

If you experience such symptoms, you must start using eye drops once you take the mask off.

Should You Still Wear Masks?

You might be wondering if you should still wear a mask, considering that it can hurt your eyes.

The answer is yes. Though you can risk getting your eyes dry, you can always use eye drops.

However, if you get infected with the novel Coronavirus, there are no drops to save you.

Also, wearing a mask is extremely important not only to protect yourself but also to protect others. You might be infected with the novel Coronavirus and not know it. If you wear a mask, the chances are that you won’t spread it.

Not wearing a mask leads to spreading the virus to a potentially vulnerable person with a weaker immune system, who can get complications because of it.

Stay safe! Wear a mask and practice social distancing!


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