We Have Details About the First Photo of Quantum Entanglement

We Have Details About the First Photo of Quantum Entanglement

This is the first time we are dealing with this. Scientists have caught the world’s first actual photo of quantum entanglement. This phenomenon is so strange that Einstein talked about it as being a spooky action happening at a distance.

Physicists from the University of Glasgow have caught the image. It’s simply breathtaking. At first, it does not sound like much, but here’s what this means: this is the first time we see the particle interaction that shows the strange science behind quantum mechanics. It represents the basis of quantum computing.

Quantum entanglement takes place when two particles become linked. Whatever happens to one of them, will happen to the other one, as well, no matter how far apart they are from one another.

What is this photo about?

This photo that’s everywhere right now shows the entanglement between two photons, which are particles of light. They are interacting, and they share physical states for some brief moments.

It has been said that the image was a description of a fundamental property of nature. In order to get this thing on camera, the team of physicists created a system of entangled photons. This experiment involved capturing four images of the photons under four different phase transitions.

When you look at the photo, you actually see a composite of multiple images of the photons, when they go through a series of four-phase transitions.

In a nutshell, the physicists split the entangled photons and ran one beam through a liquid crystal material. This material is known as β-Barium Borate, and it triggers four-phase transitions. In the meantime, they have also captured photos of the entangled pair that is going through the same phase transition, even if it did not go through the liquid crystal.


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