Way To Calm Your Anxiety And Stress

Way To Calm Your Anxiety And Stress

Everyone at some point or another will experience some degree of anxiety or stress. Having the presence of stress and anxiety within your life can negatively impact your happiness but also your overall general health.

The great news is that there are many different positives tactics that can be applied to help keep stress and anxiety out of your life completely, or at worse reduce it.


The worst thing you can do is apply unhealthy changes to your lifestyle such as staying in, drinking alcohol, or smoking.

Where you can, try and be active. Go for a walk or complete some exercise of your choosing. Although this won’t solve the reason behind your stress it will help clear your mind and gain some mental clarity and relieve some of those mental intensities you have.

Exercise also releases endorphins which are a great natural mood buster, and sleep will help aid sleep and mood, both of which can significantly help with stresses and anxiety.


Making time to meditate is a great way to restore calm and inner peace, whilst also being an inexpensive option. Anyone can practice meditation and it can be practiced where ever you are, whether this is at work, home on the bus.

In order to meditate you need to focus your mind and work on eliminating the jumbled thoughts throughout your mind. By building meditation into your life you will start benefiting from being able to gain new perspectives around stressful situations to allow for better-coping management, making you more self-aware and reducing negative emotions.

Natural Remedies

There is also a field of thought that suggests that there are many natural-based products that can be used to aid and support anxiety and stress relief. For example, if you buy cbd oil there is evidence that the use of this can reduce stress and anxiety.

The same is said with other natural products lavender, lemon balm, and chamomile. However, whenever looking to apply any new product it is also worth seeking guidance from a trained professional on what may offer the best treatment course for yourself.

Take Control

When you stressed and feeling anxious, it can feel like you have no grasp on what is happening around you. In order to get this back, it is important that you take back control of what is happening around you. Consider, if you continue to remain passive about the situation it can’t improve and your stresses and worries will remain or grow.

So finding a way to regain some control can significantly help ease stress going forward. A good way to get control is to consider what needs completing and what steps need to be taken. Write them down, by giving yourself a checklist you’ll find it more manageable to work through each task until your complete it.

Connect With Others

Having a good support system in place can help you overcome this. By talking to a great support system of friends, family, or even work colleagues can help lighten your mental load and offer different perspectives and outcomes.

Also, by having people in your corner you tend to find they instantly offer ways to bring happiness and stress relief. When socializing you’ll find yourself more relaxed and naturally laughing more in their presence. Laughter is a great stress reliever so try to be around those who make you happiest and bring this level of joy.

Consider Your Breathing

Deep breathing or diaphragmatic breathing is another way to help yourself. Where possible find a quiet place, sit in a chair, with your hands in your lap. Then focus on your breathing. This type of breathing draws its breathe from your abdomen, so when done correctly your stomach will rise whilst your chest remains still.

When do any breathing exercise, remember to breathe slowly and count as you inhale and exhale to ensure this is controlled and measured. Normally you’d count to three to five for every inhale and exhale.

Medical Guidance

There will be occasions where even will the best will in the world additional support is needed. It is really important that you listen to your body and mind and seek support instead of allowing it to get worse.

Your doctor will then be able to guide you on a treatment plan to support getting your stresses or anxieties under control. They may recommend various treatments depending on what they believe will offer you the best outcome. This could range from therapies to medication, or a combination of both.


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