Watercress Can Support Your Bone Health and Gut Health, Here’s How

Watercress Can Support Your Bone Health and Gut Health, Here’s How

Who doesn’t love some tasty, nutrient-dense leafy greens to support their immune system? How about your gut health?

Well, as the plant-based protein trend has now reached more and more people, everyone’s looking for more leafy greens rich in minerals and vitamins. Watercress is the perfect example of a cool peppery kick and incredible nutrients.

Here are just a few benefits of watercress backed by science.

Supports Bone Health

Watercress contains high vitamin K levels coupled with essential calcium to support your bone health. Only one cup of chopped watercress (34g) can offer you up to 41mg calcium. That’s about 1/6 of the amount of calcium in a glass of milk! How great is that?

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Manages Diabetes Symptoms

Another hero element that watercress contains is alpha-lipoic acid, a well-known antioxidant that can decrease blood sugar levels and lower insulin resistance.

Remember that’s best to discuss with a specialist first about any concerns you may have about diabetes!

Supports Cardiovascular Health

Vandana Sheth, RDN, CDCES, says about watercress that:

“Because of its mineral content – calcium, potassium, magnesium – and nitrates, watercress may help with blood pressure.”

Only one cup of chopped watercress (34g) offers 112mg of potassium (1/3 of the amount of potassium in a banana), about 37mg of nitrites, and 7mg of magnesium.

Also, the vitamin K content of the plant might not be so good for anyone taking blood thinners. They should consult their doctors before choosing to add watercress to their diet plan.

Promotes Eye Health

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Another great benefit that watercress provides is eye health support thanks to its vitamin C and carotenoids content!

Just one cup of chopped watercress can offer you 15mg of essential vitamin C (around 1/5 of the vitamin C from an orange). If you want to forget about tired eyes or blurred view, watercress will always be a fantastic idea.


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