Watch Viral Video of Chess Robot Accidentally Breaking a Child’s Finger During a Tournament in Russia

Watch Viral Video of Chess Robot Accidentally Breaking a Child’s Finger During a Tournament in Russia

Even though the benefits of playing chess are huge, it can sometimes become painful to get engaged in the famous mind sport, literally speaking! Unfortunately, a seven-year-old boy got his index finger broken after the chess robot he was playing against had mistaken it for a chess piece.

The terrible incident took place last Tuesday in Moscow (Russia) during an international chess tournament. Bystanders immediately helped the child out. The boy was still able to continue the tournament despite getting his finger fractured. Footage of the terrible event rapidly went viral across social platforms, and you are free to watch it below:

You can see that in just about a day, the footage shared by USA TODAY gathered almost 31,000 views. 

Sergey Smagin, who is Moscow Chess Federation’s vice president, said that banning the robot isn’t being considered. However, safety procedures will be taken into account. 

Smagin also said as USA TODAY’s YouTube channel quotes:

It happens – a coincidence. It is necessary, apparently, to warn the children additionally. It is extremely strange that this happened, but it happened, it happens.

It will be necessary to analyze why this happened. The robot has a very talented inventor. It may be necessary to install an additional protection system.

While the event was most likely an accident, the real question is this: why was it necessary for the robot to be equipped with so much force just to play chess? The manufacturer could have at least used a much softer material for developing the robot’s arm. We’re hoping to see a clear explanation on this aspect soon enough. 

If you needed one more proof that it’s not necessarily a good idea to play chess in other ways than by confronting a human being, there you have it.

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