Volkswagen Passat GT 2018 to Show its Greatness at the Detroit Auto Show

Volkswagen Passat GT 2018 to Show its Greatness at the Detroit Auto Show

Even if it’s based on the R-Line, it still has more to offer: its performance and its looks.

After the company realized that people loved the GTI very much, they decided to make the Passat look more like a sports car, too. It will make its appearance at the Detroit Auto Show.

When talking about the difference between the standard Passat and the Passat GT

The Passat GT comes with a low and rigid suspension and a system which is promised to let its 3.6-liter VR6 V6 howl. When it comes to aesthetics, the front is to be more combative, with an R-Line bumper, a honeycomb grille that has red lines, black mirror caps and black windows and Tornado wheels. It can make a great car for daily drives and all of these for a much cheaper price

Other than what we said earlier, there seems to be nothing different from the standard Passat and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You have the same climate control and the same warranty, even for a cheaper price than before.

When talking about money

And when we say much cheaper price, we talk about $29,090 for this limited edition, sports sedan.

When talking about origins

And another interesting fact? It was not created in Wolfsburg, where the Passat ideas usually come. We’re talking about Chattanooga, Tennessee. This thing just shows how the Volkswagen vehicles are seen behind the minds of this North American region and how they can do them for the American market. Having the ideas from different parts of the US helps the company to make cars that are on the same page with what people need.


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