Vladimir Putin’s Military Mobilization Order Causes Thousands of Russians to Flee the Country

Vladimir Putin’s Military Mobilization Order Causes Thousands of Russians to Flee the Country

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a military mobilization order to recruit more men to fight in the war against Ukraine. The Russian army lost important battles recently, and now Putin seems not to have too many options anymore.

As an anticipated result, thousands of Russians are fleeing their country to avoid fighting in the war, as the borders’ checkpoints are dealing with large numbers of people. Russia is also teeming with protests against Putin’s new order.

These pieces of information are brought by CBS News, and we can find out more from the report below:

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According to a post by CNN, the Dagestan region of Russia is dealing with protests from people who claim that Putin’s mobilization order is targeting minorities.

Anton Barbashin, who is the editorial director at Riddle Russia, said, as CNN quotes:

Since mobilization started, we are actually seeing a much greater push to get people from those (ethnic minority) republics to go to war.

He also told CNN:

Mobilization there seems to be in much greater disarray – people are being grabbed from universities,

It’s already starting to make people question the policy, like in Dagestan.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky firmly condemned Putin’s decision of military mobilization, as EuroNews quotes:

We see that people, in particular, in Dagestan, have begun to fight for their lives.

We see that they are beginning to understand that this is a question of their lives.

Why should their husbands, brothers, and sons die in this war? For a war that one man wants. For a war against our people, on our land. He does not send his children to war.

Back in June, there were even rumors that Vladimir Putin was suffering from a terminal illness. However, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov denied the claims


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